2014 Films

Two Weddings in a Desert:  “coming"

Kona January 2014:  an 18 minute, 20 minutes with ‘extras’, film of Isaac, Sheila and Brian’s visit with Bodhi, Claire and Glenn in Kona, January, 2014.  The film includes images from an ‘Ohana photo shoot by Renae Keane of Emotion Galleries that is aimed at launching Bodhi’s modelling career.  Isaac and Bodhi are the clear stars of this film which also includes home play, hikes, beach times and, dinner and dancing.

Hylda Kachigan Memorial:  A 19 minute film and 9 minute slide show celebrate the life of Hylda Kachigan.  The film shows Hylda at Unger & Richards events in the 1939 to 1946 period.  This film has been built on very poor quality video that has been transferred from its original 8mm film format to VHS tape and then to digital video.  The video has then been extensively edited and matched with 1930s and 1940s music.  A 9 minute slide show created by Karl Kachigan also celebrates the Life of Hylda Kachigan.  Both film and slide show are reached via the above link.

Multicultural Choir May 2014, the 35th Anniversary Performance:  This 15 minute film includes just three selections from the 35th Anniversary performance which consisted of 15 songs plus performances by the “Foothills Brass” and “Nigerian Dancers & Singers”.   The focus of this brief selection is on the Men’s solo “Sloop John B”.

Zimbabwe June 2014:  a 15 minute film depicting Sheila and Brian's visit with Alastair Watermeyer and some of his friends in Harare, Mana Pools Game Park, Zimbabwe, Africa.  The focus is canoeing the Zambezi, with serious Hippo encounters left out due to filmographer panic

South Africa June 2014: A 16 minute film shows parts of Sheila & Brian exploring Cape Town & the Garden Route including Stellenbosch, Oudtshoorn, Knysna & Hermanus, June 9th through the 19th. 

Calgary Folk Festival July 2014: A very few “favorite” selections from four workshops in the July 2014 Folk Festival:  36 minutes.

Legoland, October 2014:  Bodhi, Isaac, Claire, Glenn, Sheila, Brian go to Carlsbad, California, to check out Lego Land.  Given its ~$90 per child, this 7 minute film may enable avoiding actually going there. 

Note: all films can be played full screen, and a good sound system is recommended.

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