This directory is password protected because it lists River Run films which contain copyrighted media.  Many of these are short films developed during Isaac's first two years. 

Leigh James Unger Memorial

This 36 minute film shows Leigh performing at the piano in a few of his concerts.  It also contains snippets of his poetry and images of him with close friends and family.

William Joseph Unger Memorial

This 51 minute film contians images and video from 1939 though 2003 that depicts people and events in Bill Unger’s life.  Much of the music is Bill’s son Leigh at the piano.  One piece of music is a 1934 popular song that Bill played on the piano repeatedly through his later life.  

Isaac's First Swim Lesson

Izzy First Swim Lesson, 14 January, 2011.  4 minutes.

Izzy Dirty or Izzy Clean

Isaac has a bath in Phnom Penh, October, 2009.  Sinen washes and Naomi, mom, stands above tub and records video.  4 minutes.

Isaac Speaks Out

Isaac explores his ability to make sounds at four months, September, 2009.  3 minutes.

Izzy Growing

Isaac's development during his first  8 months  in Phnom Penh, May, 2009, through Janaury 2010.  11 minutes.

Note: all films can be played full screen, and a good sound system is recommended.

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