2019 - 2020 Films

Sheila and Brian’s Portugal and Amsterdam Trip:  This is an 8 minute film that explores parts of this trip.  Sheila and Brian fly to Amsterdam, visit Paul Jager for a few days, then fly to Faro, Portugal, to meet Leslie, Jane and John, for a lovely week in the Algarve.  Then escaping the exploding COVID-19 pandemic, Lesie, Sheila and Brian travel to Lisbon for several days, trying to relax while re-scheduling cancelled flights. Then Sheila and Brian escape to Amsterdam having a one evening visit with Paul Jager and Paul Janssen, they then succeed after being waitlisted and catch a flight home.

Calgary Local-Global Climate Strike:  A 3 minute peek at Calgary's participation in the September, 2019, Global Climate Strike.

Blackwood Studio Build: The Studio's first month of construction, December 13th through January 13th, 2019.  7 minutes

River Run WildLife: A 7 minute film showing a selection of wildlife observed around our River Run home.  Also, includes a few "biped" Solstice and Equinox Bonfire Celebrations.

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