2015 Films

Bonaire 2015:  A 35 minute film featuring Alan Covington, Lisa Higham, Sheila Robinson and Brian Unger on holiday in Bonaire, January 31st through February 15th.  Most of the film is focussed on scuba diving, i.e., is underwater in the Caribbean.  There are also a few above water activities, some kayaking and snorkeling, and a bit of windsurfing.

Kona March 2015:  A 17 minute overview of Sheila, Brian, Isaac, Lopa, Shawn, Maya and Ross visiting Claire, Glenn and Bodhi in Kona, Hawaii, March 2015.

Multicultural Choir - May 2015:  The Spring Performance Finale, Wavin the Flag, and encore, Go in Peace, 9 minutes.

Kigali Rwanda 2015:  A 23 minute film that shows snippets of Sheila's and Brian’s separate visits to Naomi and Isaac during their 3 ½ month stay in Rwanda, May 26th though the 24th, July, 2015.

Paul Kagame Interview:  A 17 minute selection from Larry Madowo’s November 2013 interview of Paul Kagame.  The focus is on the development of Rwandan people’s ICT skills, security, and the One Laptop per child project.

Gwaii Haanas 2015:  A 29 minute film showing the Team (Dianne, Jack, Penny, Marlene, Meghan, Scott, Sheila and Brian) kayaking, i.e., paddeling 111km in 8 days through the Southern most islands of Haida Gwaii. 

Shirley and Lou Faber Torah dedication, 4.5 minutes.  Shirley is Sheldon Walker’s sister.

Note: all films can be played full screen, and a good sound system is recommended.

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