2018 Films

River Run Trucks Stuck: River Run in exceptional snow, February 2018.  Most of this 24 hour crises was not filmed, here are a few snippets of the chaos.  2.5 Minutes.

Baha California Sur: Playing, Whaling & Kayaking, Feruary 17th through March 3rd, 2018.  Alan, Lisa, Nancy, Doug, Laurel, John, Sheila & Brian romp around Loreto, South Baha California.  16 Minutes.

Sailing the BC coast on "Prairie Dancer” from Comox to Canoe Cove, Sydney, September 12-19, 2018.  6.3 Minutes.  Plus Sheila’s associated essay: “The Quest

Copenhagen Holiday: Sheila and Brian meet in Amsterdam, visit Paul of Paul & Paul, then travel to Copenhagen to explore art and architecture.  October 20-30, 2018.

New Life: This 7 minute film shows brief visits in 2018 by Sheila and Brian with Meahgan, Jordan and Josehine, Leslie, Emily and Ross in Los Angeles; Claire, Glenn, Bodhi, Kaleo and Isaac in Kona; Jessica, Mike, Nathanial, Xander and Isaac in Calgary; Aidy, Ian and Rory; Tsering, Matt, Namkha and Mila in Vancouver.

Note: all films can be played full screen, and a good sound system is recommended.

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