Dr. Brian W. Unger

Brian’s previous work focussed on acquiring and distributing research funding within Alberta Universities, and on parallel and distributed simulation.  Recent activities include Co-Chair of the ACM SIGSIM Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (PADS) 2016 Conference in Banff, Alberta (http://www.acm-sigsim-pads.org/Programs/PADS-2016-Program.htm); membership in the 2016 Ontario Research Fund Cross Disciplinary Review Panel, and Chair of the 2014 ICT-DM Peer Review Panel for the Ontario Research Fund; and the iREACH Project involving information and communications technology in support of development (ICT4D), e.g., see the below film.  An overview of his work can be found in Precis Several early annual reports from Brian's role in supporting economic development within Alberta can be found at iCORE, the "informatics Circle of Research Excellence". 

IMG_2640 - Version 2.JPG

The below 3.5 minute film is from "informatics for Research and Community Health (iREACH), a collaborative project between Canada's IDRC and Cambodia.

iREACH Meeting - 4

Oldest Woman-Kep

Note: all films can be played full screen, and a good sound system is recommended.

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